Tate is continually researching new accessory products to be used in conjunction with our raised floor system. We continually identify and develop products to help deliver the full benefits of an underfloor wiring, cabling and HVAC systems. Many of these products have been developed to improve performance, installation time and maintenance requirements.


Tate’s Air»Connect diffuser provides significant advantages in maintaining air quality, flexibility and the aesthetic integrity of a Casino’s gaming environment.


Tate’s new AirArrest® brush style grommets for plenum walls virtually eliminate leaks.

In-Floor Active Chilled Beam

Tate’s In-Floor Active Chilled Beam provides the energy savings and comfort of a chilled beam solution while avoiding the worry of running chilled water above an occupied space.

Swirl Diffuser

Tate’s Swirl Diffuser provides complete flexibility, better indoor air quality, and greater personal comfort while reducing energy consumption.