Since 1988, Cii has been the pioneer of powerful solutions, leading the market in modular power, voice and data technology systems designed to keep the workplace dynamic and ready for change – at any level.

With our line of Under Floor Service Distribution products, utilizing our unique plug and play modular features give companies the infrastructure they need to power any kind of system whenever and wherever they want, at the lowest costs. Through increased power capacity, greater flexibility in modular placement, individual customization, and the reduction of life cycle costs, we strive to provide excellence and integrity in the services we perform and the products we produce.

The Pioneer of Powerful Solutions
For more than 17 years, Cii has been the pioneer of powerful solutions leading the market in modular technology systems designed to keep the workplace dynamic and ready for change at any level.

Cii Mission Statement
Communications Integrators, Inc. is dedicated to being the leading developer and manufacturer of high quality modular electrical and voice data products used in general and interior construction today and in the future.  It is our intent that Cii products will continue to drastically change methods of construction significantly increasing building value, while promoting environmentally sound practices.  Communications Integrators, Inc. will achieve this mission by pursuing economically sound strategies that embrace continuous improvement, invention, and diversification while developing a deep and mutual trust with our customers, employees, and vendors.

Flexibility – As mobile as you need to be
Office technology systems need complex power sources to keep them running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our plug and play units make that complex system as easy to use as plugging in your household appliance.

Units are clearly labeled. Move them wherever you need to, plug in the connector cables and you’re ready to work. With the plug and play units,installing and reconfiguring office layouts becomes fast, easy and cost-effective. It affords businesses the opportunity to be dynamic and open to change, while accommodating future growth.

Capacity – Providing more power options
Most power solutions available today have a maximum of 8 wires, providing up to 4 circuits. Our standard system, however, can be customized, using up to 10 wires providing a “first make – last break” grounding feature. Cii products are all UL and CSA approved.

All of this is distributed from a single source to each workstation or workstation cluster. Our high capacity wiring configurations provide power for today and growth for tomorrow.